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About the Lincoln Statue Project

Statue Dedication

The Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Support Committee would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the dedicated volunteers. Their generous contributions have enabled us to complete this statue project and this dedication ceremony. Thanks for your help in preserving the memory of the men and women who answered our country’s call to service.

photos by Wm. Hickstein

Placing a Life-Size Bronze Statue of Abraham Lincoln In the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

Statue Facts

  • Abraham Lincoln was the President who founded the national cemetery system via an Act of Congress July 17, 1862. He is the first U.S. President to be honored with a statue in a national cemetery.
  • Location – The South Entrance to the Memorial Walk behind the assembly area at the main flagpole.
  • The 6'- 4" life-size bronze likeness of Lincoln will be positioned at ground level on a small concrete patio with a cut limestone bench positioned across the back edge of the patio.
  • The back of the cut limestone bench will include bronze emblems of the five military branches and each end of the bench will include a bronze tablet (one telling the story of Lincoln as the founding President of the national cemeteries and the other will include the final paragraph of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address – his last major speech given five weeks before his assassination.)
  • Carved into the base of the limestone bench is the phrase: "to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan" taken from the last paragraph of Lincoln's Second Inaugural which has served as the unofficial mantra of the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • The setting is designed to provide cemetery visitors young & old with a place of contemplation, an education about Lincoln's role in veteran affairs, and a place to take a photograph standing next to a life-size Lincoln.