U.S. Flag ALNC Support Committee Lincoln Statue

History of the Committee

This group was formed on April 17, 1995 (incorporated as a nonprofit in 1998) by a group of military veterans and civilians who were interested in converting part of the old Joliet Arsenal into a national cemetery for veterans. Retired Congressman George Sangmeister served as its first chairman. The committee worked with Congressman Jerry Weller to make it a reality. Once the law was enacted creating the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, the Support Committee provided volunteer and advisory support to the Director of the Cemetery and helped to raise the necessary funds to sponsor a Dedication Ceremony. The Committee was also able to generate funding for a Carillon and an Avenue of Flags.

Since the opening of the cemetery on October 3, 1999, the Committee has continued to find new ways to enhance the facility and services provided at the Cemetery (see Past Projects). The Committee was instrumental in researching, founding, and funding a permanent-on-site Honor Guard so that all veterans desiring a burial “with Full Military Honors” would be accorded that service. The Honor Guard has since become its own organization and is named the ALNC Memorial Squad.

Cemetery Photo